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Fellowes Adhesive CD Holders - 5 pack
Sleeve - Slide Insert - Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) - Clear - 1 CD/DVD
Self-adhesive CD/DVD holders stick on binders, file folders, and books. Each holds one disc. Transparent PVC material allows easy identification of contents. CD/DVD holders protect CDs and DVDs from damage.
Mfg Number: 98315
Our Price: $12.99
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Maxell CD-400 CD/DVD Sleeves (50-Pack)
Sleeve - Slide Insert - White
White CD and DVD Sleeves protect and store your valuable CDs and DVDs with high-quality paper material. Sleeves optimize your storage space because they are less than half the space of a slim jewel case. Back flap secures and protects your disc from scratches, dirt and fingerprints. Clear plastic windows allow you to identify your discs easily.
Mfg Number: 190135
Our Price: $13.99
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Verbatim CD/DVD Color TRIMpak Cases - 10pk, Assorted
Jewel Case - Book Fold - Plastic - Assorted - 1 CD/DVD
Trimpak CD/DVD Cases come in five different colors so you can color-code your projects and files. These cases are more durable, thinner and lighter than standard plastic jewel cases and require 60 percent less space because of their slimline dimensions. Assorted colors include two each of blue, green, yellow, purple and clear.
Mfg Number: 93804
Our Price: $15.99
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Maxell CD-355 Jewel Cases
Jewel Case - Book Fold - Plastic - Blue, Red, Gold, Teal, Brown - 1 CD/DVD
Slim, 5mm thick cases with a C-shell design protect your CDs or DVDs from scratches, dust and other contaminants. Use them for storage, transport or mailing. Comes in assorted colors. Store two in one standard jewel case space.
Mfg Number: 190073
Our Price: $16.99
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Fellowes Double-Sided CD/DVD Sleeves - 50 pack
Plastic - Clear - 2 CD/DVD
Each double-sided CD/DVD sleeve holds one CD/DVD and one booklet or two CDs/DVDs. Durable material shields discs from scratches and moisture. Use included label strips for easy identification.
Mfg Number: 90659
Our Price: $17.99
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Fellowes Slim Jewel Cases - 25 Pack
Jewel Case - Book Fold - Polystyrene - Clear, Black - 1 CD/DVD
Durable, slim replacement cases hold CDs/DVDs in half the space of a standard jewel case and include an area for an insert booklet. Cases are made of plastic. Each jewel case stores one CD/DVD and booklet. Protective ports and spines prevent damage to CDs/DVDs. Jewel cases are 100 percent recyclable.
Mfg Number: 98316
Our Price: $18.99
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Fellowes CD Binder Sheet - 10 pack
Sleeve - Slide Insert - Vinyl - Clear - 2 CD/DVD
Vinyl sheets protect discs from dust and dirt. Each loose-leaf sheet holds two CDs or DVDs with or without jewel cases. Three-hole punched design allows the sheets to fit in three-ring binders. CD Binder Sheets are 100 percent recyclable.
Mfg Number: 95304
Our Price: $21.99
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Maxell CD-392 Double Slim Color Jewel Case
Jewel Case - Book Fold - Blue, White
Double Slimline Jewel Cases offer a variety of colors for color-coding or presentation. Each 5mm case holds two discs. Store two slimline cases in one standard jewel space.
Mfg Number: 190131
Our Price: $22.99
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Verbatim CD/DVD Clear TRIMpak Cases - 200pk (bulk)
Jewel Case - Book Fold - Plastic - Clear - 1 CD/DVD
CD/DVD storage cases are thinner, lighter and more durable than plastic jewel cases. Each case weighs about half as much as a jewel case and requires 60 percent less space. Storage cases are great for travel and meet all U.S. Postal requirements for single and bulk shipments. Cases protect CDs and DVDs from being scratched.
Mfg Number: 93975
Our Price: $61.99
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